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Le festin d’Eva, la passion de la Vannerie. Actes Sud 2019
This book is about contemporary basketmakers and weaving artists, and the state of art within basketry the last 30 years. A description of weaving projects, events and dialogue. The results of workshops and collaboration with eminent weavers in Burkina Faso, Zimbabwe and Zambia. Finally, there is a HOW to Do a specific start of the spiral weave introduced to me in Burkina Faso.
The book is edited by Actes Sud and will be launched in English in 2020.
Eva Seidenfaden

Eva Seidenfaden

"Contemporary and Traditional Basketry at Vissinggaard"
The catelouge contains pictures of the collection of traditional baskets, innovative baskets, functional baskets, and sculptural baskets. The baskets are made by professional basket makers as well as amateurs. There are pictures of a very special collection of fifty hats gathered by Gunnar Seidenfaden from Northern Thailand and Vietnam. There are pictures of a selection of baskets from the area around Mongu in Zambia collected in 2011.

The book presents 450 pictures in 100 pages.

Price: €100 or £85 (including postage).

Contemporary and Traditional Basketry at Vissinggaard

Contemporary and Traditional Basketry at Vissinggaard

Contemporary and Traditional Basketry at Vissinggaard

"The Art of Basketmaking - The Périgord Technique and Tradition"
The Art of Basketmaking describes in a precise and detailed manner the making of different baskets in a specific spiral weave never before documented.
Eva Seidenfaden describes different techniques from the very simple to the most elaborate, originating from Western Africa and from Dordogne in France. The author invites you to meet some of the masters of this art : Norbert Faure, David Drew, Marcel Lavaud, Philippe Guerinel and Elisabeth Borch.

The last part of the book offers you a diversed universe of creations for inspiration and enjoyment.

The book is complemented with a DVD which focuses on the positions of the hands and the moves that are special for the Périgord basket.
The art of basketmaking - The Périgord Technique and Tradition



The simple technique
The garlic basket
The shepherd´s hat

The Périgord basket
The advanced technique

Basketmakers and artists making Périgord baskets
Norbert Faure
David Drew
Marcel Lavaud
Philippe Guerinel
Elisabeth Borch

The technique, the craft and then the art
Practical addresses and events
Glossary and Bibliography

The Art of Basketmaking - The Périgord Technique and Tradition

Big Willow- and Basketry Day 2002
In May 2002 80 basketmakers from 14 countries were gathered at Vissinggaard in the middle of Jutland. The goal was to focus on present as well as traditional willow work, share ideas and inspiration.

A scrapbook from the event is now available for sale. A book with 54 pages containing color photos af collages of baskets, scultures and people who participated in exhibitions and stalls.
The book is a unique collections of willow and basket pictures for inspiration and joy.
Big Willow- and Basketry Day 2002
[ 15 pictures ]

Below you see the pictures from the Big Willow and Basketry Day 2004.
Big Willow- and Basketry Day 2004
[ 45 pictures ]