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Big Willow and Basketry Day - Revival and Final
Burkina Weave
Yajibelena, Burkina Faso
Ingcebethu, Zimbabwe
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Previous Exhibitions

Bovbjerg Fyr, DK, 2018
Baskets4life: Dimensions.

Tranum Strandgård, Dk, 2019

Vissinggaard, May 2016 and Borgbjerg Fyr, August 2016

In January 2015 Baskets4life with two guests, Mary Butcher og Elisabeth Borch, met for a week at Vissinggaard to start planning an exhibition as part of the events for May 2016. This week began with two stimulating days learning new techniques in a workshop but also learning about the expanded group. We all brought homework of small pieces, 10 x 10 x 10 cm, a category that remains in the exhibition.

Discussion is essential for our working together and our inspiration. Morning meetings after breakfast gave us all opportunities to speak and gain a sense of equality and understanding.

Dimensions was a beautiful exhibition for the Big Willow and Basketry Day!

The group will continue the collaboration about Dimensions in February 2017 in order to place the exhibition in the beautiful frames at Bovbjerg Fyr.

For the latest updates on the event please see www.baskets4life.dk.

Eva Seidenfaden

Anne-Mette Hjørnholm

Anne Honoré

[ 11 pictures ]

"Emma Bound"
Saskatuan Craft Council, Canada.

Vissinggaard, Denmark.

"Basketry Identity"
Riverhouse Barn Arts Center, England.

"Between the Lines"
Risør, Norway.
Opening June 9.
Was open until mid-September, 2014.

"Something About Nothing"
Saskatchewan Craft Council Affiny Gallery, Canada.
From July 18 to September 1, 2014.

"Between the Lines"
Rundetårn, Copenhagen, Denmark.
November 23, 2012 to January 6, 2013.
Baskets4Life showed a number of large installations and each of the members individually showed pieces woven with focus of the theme "Between the Lines".
Alongside the exhibition, Baskets4Life ran a Christmas market in Rundetårn in the period from November 23 to December 2, 2012.


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"Hand Made: Long Live Craft"
Museum Boymans van Beuningen, Rotterdam, Netherlands.
The exhibition was open from March 9 to May 20, 2013.
Read more here.

Hand Made: Long Live Craft

Vlechtmuseum, Noordwolde, Holland.
June 14 to November 4, 2012.
International censured exhibition. "With this theme we want to emphasize the worldwide connective aspects of basketry".
For more information see www.vlechtmuseum.nl.


"Cherry Festival"
Johannes Larsen Museet, Kerteminde, Denmark.
June 28 to July 29, 2012.

Proverbes, Frankrig, 2010

Proverbes, 2010
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Africa Now, Dialog 09, Århus, Denmark, 2009
Transperancy - An exhibition in collaboration with Christophe Sawadego from Burkina Faso.

Transperance, 2009
[ 8 pictures ]

Baskets4life, Kvindemuseet in Århus, Denmark, August-September 2009

Baskets4life, Stadtschloss, Germany, September 2009

Stadtschloss, Germany, 2009
[ 7 pictures ]

Summerset Art Weeks, Mushgrove Willows, England, 2009
Summerset Art Weeks, Mushgrove Willows, England, 2009

Birkerød Kunstforening, Denmark, October 2009

Anniversary Exhibition, Finland, 2009

European Basketry, Ireland
May 2008.
European Basketry, Irland

African shopping baskets from Burkina Faso, Galleriet PondCottage Art, Løkken, Denmark
Sunday, March 16. to Monday, March 24., 2008.
Afrikanske indkøbskurve fra Burkina Faso

Shopping Baskets, Galleri Villvin, Risør, Norway
June 21. to August 3., 2008.

Shopping Baskets, Værkstedsmuseet in Kerteminde, Denmark
July 13. to July 14., 2008.

Shopping Baskets, Noordwolde, Netherlands
September and October 2008.

Indkøbskurve Rundetårn, the exhibition 'Kurv'
In springtime 2007, 13 European basket makers and artists marked the 10th anniversary of the Danish Willow Organisation. The exhibition "Kurv" showed contemporary basketry being a lot more than traditional weaving techniques and baskets.

Eva Seidenfaden created the igloo - illustrated below - in cooperation with Annette Holdensen.

Rundetårn, the exhibition "Kurv"
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Silkeborg Bad, 'Kurv'
A censored exhibition at Kunstcentret Silkeborg Bad presenting 103 works by members of the Danish Willow Organisation.
26th of May until 19th of August, 2007.

Silkeborg Bad, the exhibition "Kurv"
[ 13 pictures ]

The Gallery Pond Cottage Art, Løkken, Denmark
Shopping Baskets - Get rid of the plastic bags, go for the shopping baskets.

Shopping Baskets

Eté à Adoué, métiers d'art et vannerie contemporaine, 15th and 16th of June
Arranged by Sophie and Laurant Weiss in Nancy, France. Please see www.saulytresse.com.

Cherry festival, Johannes Larsen Museum, Kerteminde, Denmark, 24th and 25th of July

Basketry exhibition as part of la Semaine Danoise in Chapelle de Mejan in Arles, France, November 2007.

Exhibition in Arles, France, 2006
[ 23 pictures ]

Greenhouse, Aarhus, 2006
[ 14 pictures ]

Greenhouse, Copenhagen, 2005
[ 15 pictures ]

Greenhouse, Aarhus, 2003
[ 20 pictures ]